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Personalized International Medical Insurance

A William Russell international health insurance plan gives you access to private medical care in any country. William Russell has provided expatriate health insurance for nearly 30 years, and members in 160 countries trust the company to cover their medical services. The company offers a personal service with a team available 24/7 should you need support. To keep premiums low, they only offer limited coverage in the US as an add-on.

William Russell Health Insurance Highlights

Whether you’re an individual, a family, or someone planning a family, you can find the right plan with William Russell Health Insurance. The company offers four plan tiers, each built around your specific needs.

Overall Maximum Coverage
Coverage maximums range from $1.5 million to $5 million per year, depending on your plan tier.

Hospital and Outpatient Insurance
Full payment of hospital treatment costs. Most grades have no restrictions on outpatient treatment.

cancer insurance
Fully covered, including $6,000 for genomic cancer treatment.

prescription restrictions
Silver and Gold tiers provide full prescription coverage.

Maternity Insurance
Gold tiers offer strong maternity coverage, while other tiers offer coverage for pregnancy complications.

Emergency evacuation
All plans offer Medevac Basic with the option to add Medevac Plus coverage.

William Russell Program Grades

No matter what level you choose, William Russell health insurance provides access to leading hospitals and doctors around the world. They are also known for their personal service. As an independently owned insurance company, their subscribers (not shareholders) come first. At William Russell, you are a person, not a membership number.

How much does William Russell health insurance cost?

William Russell determines your plan rates based on your age, country of residence, your chosen deductible (deductible), and your coverage.

How Deductibles (Deductibles) Work

If you choose a per-claim deductible, you will pay that per claim, not per treatment. For example, if you broke a rib and have a $50 deductible per claim, you only pay that $50 on your first visit. This will reduce your premiums but increase your out-of-pocket costs.

If you choose the annual deductible (annual deductible), you will pay the first $5,000 of the total treatment costs you receive each year. After the first $50,000, William Russell will cover all costs you incur. This will reduce the cost of your premium, but you will find yourself paying out of pocket until you hit your deductible.

William Russell Covered Areas

William Russell also considers your coverage when determining your premiums. Area 1 provides comprehensive coverage anywhere in the world except the United States. Zone 2 offers comprehensive coverage in most countries, but limited coverage in some countries where medical costs are higher and there is no coverage in the United States. Area 3 is only available in Indonesia, provides full coverage in most countries, but requires co-pays in several countries, and does not provide any coverage in the United States.

US report

Limited U.S. coverage is available as an additional option. This coverage is only available for travel up to 90 days in the United States.

William Russell Global Health Insurance Eligibility

Applicants must be under the age of 76; however, once you become a member, you can continue to renew even if you are 76 or older. You must live outside your country of citizenship (except for those living in Botswana, Kenya, Nigeria, Mauritius, Estonia and Malawi, who may purchase William Russell insurance even if they hold a passport from that country).

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