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GeoBlue Health Insurance: Xplorer Essential and Premier

Whether you are an expatriate, an international citizen, or an immigrant family, GeoBlue Health Insurance’s Xplorer Health Plan has you covered within and outside of the United States. Their policies give you access to a top-notch network of doctors and hospitals. Expect to experience excellent customer service and flexible design to meet your needs.

The Xplorer Plan from GeoBlue Health Insurance is one of the best international health plans available today. It combines comprehensive global benefits with a new generation of medical assistance services. These services include an impressive array of online and mobile tools that allow subscribers to identify, access and pay for quality healthcare globally.

GeoBlue Xplorer gives you the freedom to receive quality healthcare both inside and outside of the United States If you only need benefits outside of the United States, we highly recommend you explore the GeoBlue Xplorer Essential plan.

Xplorer Insurance Highlights

no wait period
GeoBlue has no waiting periods associated with any preventive services, such as doctor’s office visits and routine physical exams.

Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Network
Blue Cross Blue Shield is the broadest insurance network in the United States. This benefit is only available through the Premier programme.

Some services have no deductible
GeoBlue does not require you to pay deductibles for standard services such as doctor visits, preventive care and outpatient prescriptions.

Unlimited medical max
GeoBlue offers its policyholders unlimited annual and lifetime policy maximums.

pre-existing conditions
GeoBlue will waive the six-month pre-existing condition waiting period if you had U.S. primary health insurance within the six months prior to your plan start date.

plan canceled
You can cancel your policy for any month of your choice without a cancellation fee.

Comparison of GeoBlue Xplorer plan options

Explorer must

Xplorer Essential is a GeoBlue health insurance plan that has the same benefits as the Xplorer Premium plan, except it does not include US coverage.

This is a great option if you don’t plan to return to the US. This plan also saves you money compared to plans that include the US.

Optional Essential Additional Services – Essential US Benefits within the US
This add-on is only available for Xplorer Essential Plan. It provides coverage limited to emergency medical care, illness, prescription drug needs, and accidental injury during your temporary visit to the United States. It is only valid for a maximum of 3 trips of 21 days per trip per calendar year.

explorer choice

If you are a U.S. citizen and continue your U.S. health insurance plan while living abroad, you may be eligible for the GeoBlue Xplorer Select plan, which covers your coverage outside the U.S. It has a streamlined underwriting process that reduces medical concerns. It also has a shorter decision-making turnaround time than its competitors. The benefits are very similar to XPlorer Essential.

explorer prime

This GeoBlue insurance plan has the most comprehensive policy with the greatest coverage.

It is an ideal insurance plan for U.S. citizens living abroad because it offers the most U.S. coverage of any global insurance provider. It includes a total of 9 months of benefits for US citizens per policy period.

The Premier plan is highly recommended for individuals and families who want the most coverage with the fewest restrictions in the US and worldwide. The Xplorer plan is also the ideal premium insurance policy for foreigners living in the United States because the benefits, coverage, and service levels offered by this policy are among the best in the industry.

How much does GeoBlue Xplorer health insurance cost?

Xplorer Essential and Premier plan rates are based on deductibles, age, coverage and fringe benefits. GeoBlue offers three coverage options: No U.S. Benefits, Basic U.S. Benefits, and Comprehensive/Full U.S. Benefits. Adding U.S. insurance to a plan increases the price. Therefore, if you do not intend to travel to or live in the US, do not purchase US insurance

Deductible options (see benefits table above) are based on out-of-US, US-in-network, and US-out-of-network health insurance. Deductibles for Xplorer Essential and Premier plans range from $0-$5,000. Xplorer Premier plans also have the option to add coinsurance.

Who is eligible?

The eoBlue Xplorer Essential and Premier plans are designed for expat US citizens and non-US residents immigrating to the US. Policyholders must be 74 years of age or younger at the time of application. Employees of the U.S. corporation are also eligible if the U.S. corporation is domiciled in a U.S. state and the company pays the premium.

Policyholders must have lived outside their home country for three months or more. The GeoBlue Xplorer program is renewable as long as eligibility requirements are continued to be met.

Geographic restrictions:

  • US State Restrictions – GeoBlue Xplorer products are not available to residents of New York, Maryland, Washington, and South Dakota.
  • Country Restrictions – GeoBlue Xplorer products are not available for those residing in Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Chad, Cuba, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Côte d’Ivoire, Libya, Mali, Niger, North Korea, Pakistan, Palestine , Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Venezuela and Yemen.

Eligible dependents:

  • Spouse or partner of an eligible policyholder
  • Unmarried, biological, step or legally adopted children under the age of 26 of the eligible policyholder himself or his spouse/partner

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