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Aura Review

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Aura does an excellent job of delivering cutting-edge technology, a wide range of features and protection, and an intuitive user experience. That’s why we named it one of our top picks for identity protection.

Featured Services

Aura offers 3 digital security plans (individual, couple, family) depending on how many members you want to protect. Each plan includes:

Financial Fraud Protection

  • Monthly Vantage Credit Score¹
  • 3 bureau credit reports
  • Credit monitoring and warning of the three bureaus
  • Banking, Investment and Retirement Account Monitoring
  • Financial transaction monitoring

ID Theft Protection

  • $1 million in identity theft insurance*
  • Personal information, identity verification and SSN monitoring
  • Online account monitoring and data breach alerts
  • Spam Call and Spam Removal
  • Home Title and Address Monitoring
  • Criminal and Court Records Monitoring
  • Lost Wallet Remedy
  • Child SSN Monitoring (Family Plans Only)
  • Automatic Title Monitoring
  • Child Sex Offender Alert
  • credit dispute
  • 3B Credit Freeze for Children
  • Automatic Title Monitoring

Online and Device Security

  • Antivirus
  • VPN with Safe Browsing
  • Password Manager
  • Parental Control Apps

Customer Support

Solve white glove fraud with a dedicated case manager
24/7 customer support

What impressed us most about Aura was that it provided near real-time alerts for existing threats, while also constantly searching for new ones. In an ever-changing threat landscape, we believe Aura’s adaptive technology sets it apart from other digital security solutions. We think it’s worth highlighting that Aura takes a holistic approach to personal digital security. This means Aura product features are designed to protect your finances, identity, device and privacy. Two of Aura’s functions are home title monitoring and financial transaction monitoring. Home title theft is a growing concern and Aura will alert you to detected activity on your property. Financial transaction monitoring is fully customizable so you can receive transaction alerts at any threshold for any financial account. Another feature we value is a tri-bureau credit report. While Aura provides credit scores monthly, users can request a full 3-bureau credit report once a year. This information exists with the resources you need to dispute any discrepancies if necessary. Finally, to round out the protection package, Aura offers antivirus protection, safe browsing, and a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Antivirus software protects devices from all types of malware, as well as spyware that can collect financial information. Likewise, Aura’s Safe Browsing feature stops you from going to dangerous websites (malware, phishing) that could steal your personal information. Aura’s VPN helps support privacy and safe browsing by encrypting your internet connection, protecting your data from hackers or cyber predators.


Aura offers digital security plans based on the number of members you want to protect. Individual plans are just $9 per month, couples are $17 per month, and families are $25 per month.

Support and Customer Service

Aura offers 24/7/365 customer service by phone and email. With each plan, you get white glove resolution services that include experienced case managers who will work with you one-on-one to develop a mitigation and remediation plan to resolve your identity theft or fraud incident. Aura says its experts will be by your side, taking the stress and confusion out of trying to resolve a fraud incident on your own.

in conclusion

If you value broad and smart protection, along with easy-to-reach, experienced customer support, check out Aura. We found their online dashboard and mobile app to be clean, engaging and intuitive to use. When it comes to protecting your identity, interacting with these features gives you a sense of control that you may not feel you have in this area. Aura makes it simple to understand how to better protect yourself and provides a neat business technology for doing so.

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